APEIE 2020

Actual Problems of Electronic Instrument Engineering

Novosibirsk, Russia
Until 25 april 2020 23:55
5 - 9 Oct 2020
НГТУ, Novosibirsk, Russia

APEIE 2020

Actual Problems of Electronic Instrument Engineering




1.        Electron-Physical Section (Solid-State, Vacuum and Plasma Electronics: Physical Processes, Technologies (including nanotechnologies and nanomaterials), Equipment, Devices)

2.        Metrology and Metrological Instrumentation

3.        Measuring Units, Devices and Systems. Information Protection

4.         Modern laboratory, testing and training equipment

5.        Lasers and Their Application. Medical Electronic Instrumentation

6.        Radio Engineering (Image and Signal Processing and Modeling; Radio-Engineering Devices and Systems)

7.        Telecommunications

8.        Design and Technology of Radio-Engineering Devices

9.        Radiolocation, Radioelectronic Complexes and Systems

10.    Mathematical Simulation

11.    Computer Engineering. Information Systems and Technologies

12.    Power Electronics and Mechatronics

13.    Power engineering, electrical engineering, electromechanics

14.    Control Systems and Automatic Devices

15.    Economic aspects of the development of Electronic Instrument Engineering


April, 25, 2020 - deadline for registration (https://lomonosov-msu.ru/eng/event/5980/).

May, 25, 2020 - deadline for organizing committee answer on the acceptance or rejection of the report

June, 10, 2020 –          deadline for receiving a copy of the payment receipt, uploading the presentation, filling in IEEE Copyright Form, registering at lomonosov-msu.ru the pdf-file of the article obtained using the pdf-eXpress utility on the site https://pdf-express.org

Deadline for submission of advertising materials from exhibition participants for publication in the proceedings of the conference

September, 14, 2020  –         deadline for placement of the conference schedule on the conference site

October, 05, 2020      –          arrival and accommodation of conference and exhibition participants

October, 06, 2020      –          plenary session

October, 6-8, 2020     –          sectional sessions

October, 08, 2020      –          removal of equipment from the exhibition

October, 09, 2020 - departure of conference participants



Новосибирский государственный технический университет

Novosibirsk State Technical University, Russian Federation




Adress: 630073, Novosibirsk, Karl Marks avenue, 20
Web-site APEIE NSTU http://www.science.nstu.ru/science-in-nstu/of-apep-2020/english/
Phone: +7 (383) 346-29-18
E-mail: onirs@corp.nstu.ru

About partners



  • Federal Budgetary Educational Institution for Higher Education Novosibirsk State Technical University

  • American Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE, USA)
  • West Siberian branch of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Physical, Technical and Radio Engineering Measurements"
  • Federal Budgetary Educational Institution for Higher Education Siberian State University Of Telecommunications And Information Sciences


Cost of participation

  • Participation with a report in Englishе - 95 USD
  • Participation with a report in Russian - 64 USD